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Project Preview: a world-class RDS arena

TheStadiumBusiness Design & Development Summit has become the world’s largest gathering of project delegations involved in the design, construction, refurbishment and management of major sports venues.

With more than €10bn worth of construction already confirmed in attendance on 27-29 Nov in Barcelona, we present a more in-depth look at some of the projects showcasing at the meeting.

We are delighted to be welcoming the chief executive of the RDS, Michael Duffy, to Barcelona, ahead of their redevelopment of the Anglesea Stand at the Dublin venue’s Main Arena, reportedly costing in excess of €26 million.

The RDS is unique in hosting international show jumping and professional rugby, as well as large capacity concerts and other non-sporting events. The Arena is part of a busy 17 hectare commercial campus that is home Ireland’s premier venue, hosting national and international conferences and events. As well as enhancing the visitor experience for all attendees, the redevelopment plans to increase the overall capacity by 2,500, taking total capacity up to 21,000

The existing Anglesea Stand and Terrace will be demolished to make way for the new development, as will some of the current corporate hospitality areas and the smaller clock tower buildings.

The plans include a three-storey floodlit grandstand more than 21m high, connected via a glazed bridge to a two-storey pocket building, which will be home to shopping, hospitality and media services.

RDS told the Irish Times that the designs, by Newenham Mulligan and Grimshaw Architects, would deliver “a world-class RDS arena that will host professional rugby matches, equestrian sports, music concerts and other appropriate sporting opportunities as they arise”.

The RDS have been granted full planning permission by the relevant authorities and are speaking to the Irish Government about part-financing the construction. The majority of the costs will be taken on by the RDS through naming rights and private funding. The requirements of Leinster Rugby, the Dublin Horse Show and other commercial considerations, will mean that construction will need to adhere to as tight a schedule as possible once commenced

Meet the RDS Arena team (alongside 50+ stadium projects) at the Summit, 28-29 Nov, Barcelona. Earlybird tickets available here.

Images: Leinster Rugby

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