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Ahead of TheStadiumBusiness Design & Development Summit 2016, happening in just a week’s time, sponsors Hilton Worldwide have shared access to their stunning book: Developing Hotels at Stadium and Sports Venues, offering advice, case studies and introductions to those considering a stadium hotel development.

Stadiums and sports venues are a source of local and international pride. Often built, not only for sporting reasons, but also for reasons of destination marketing and support for the wider community. Commercial reality also dictates that many stadiums create more income outside of match day events and generate much needed income independent of sport.

In this regard, hotels have a major role to play in both enhancing the fan experience and strengthening stadium profitability. With more than 25 hotels and 6,000 rooms trading or under development at stadiums around the world, Hilton is growing faster at sporting venues than any other hospitality company. Hilton Worldwide has a range of brands that lend themselves to either being fully integrated with the stadium, linked to the stadium or built adjacent to the Stadium, and modified to support the sporting needs. We have the brands and formats to respond to whatever commercial, planning or sporting considerations your stadium may demand.

This booklet seeks to share some of the knowledge we have acquired in developing hotels at stadiums and sports venues, to present some case studies and to make some introductions to experts and those that have already successfully enhanced their Stadium and its profitability.

Click HERE to download the book.

For enquiries contact our TDS16 speaker Nick Smart, VP Development, West & North Europe, Hilton Worldwide on nick.smart@hilton.com

There are just a handful of passes left to join Hilton and 65+ stadium project delegations in Manchester (1-2 Nov). Reserve your place here.


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